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Saturday, 04 Apr 2020

Tips for fixing your plaque

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This is my method please email if me if you have a better one. Your Plaque comes with stainless steel screws and a suitable plug which can be used for most applications. You will need:
  1. A power drill.
  2. Suitable drill bit for material to which you are fixing your plaque to.
  3. Sprit level.
  4. Safety glasses and a pencil.

Mark out your holes using the pencil and drill the first hole only.
Now put in the raw-plug into the first hole and offer up your plaque and by hand put in the screw and turn it a couple of times just enough to hold the plaque (always keep one hand on if, it falls it may break- a second pair of hands is use full here).

Now move the plaque into position and check you marked the holes in the correct place also check to see if level with the sprit level.
Make adjustments if you need to. Remove the first screw and take down the plaque.  Now drill the second hole only. Put a raw plug into the second hole again offer up the plaque put the screws in both hole and give the screws a few turns, check your marking out and level do any adjustments. Remove the house sign and finish drilling.

Now put up the house sign. I always put the screws in using a hand held screw driver, never use a power screw driver. I generally put the first screw in about half way and do the same with the others three. Now I keep giving each screw a few turns until the sign is held in place just nip the screws. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE SCREWS. Remember LIMESTONE while durable is brittle and will crack if you screw down to hard.

A Customer of ours told us that he put his plaque on a piece of thin card and marked the outside and spotted the holes with a pencil cut around the card then taped it in his chosen position. Made sure he could see it from the front of his home . When he was happy he drilled the taped card where he had marked the holes, took down the card and put up the plaque.

People ask me about no nail products. There are so many different products on the market choose one that would suit you and follow manufactures instruction. I personally do not use these products. Because you may want to remove the plaque later for some reason (you may be moving home in the future and want to bring the plaque with you). Another negative point regarding "no-nails" products is the requirement to hold the plaque in position until the no nails set. It’s normally quicker and easier to drill.

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