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Friday, 28 Jan 2022

Celtic River Road Farm Engraved Sign

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The true origins of the Celts are lost in the mist of prehistory. A loosely knit group of tribes, with a common culture and a common language. The Celts dominated Continental Europe and the British Isles from around 1000 BC. The Celts were a powerful race but were eventually eclipsed by the rise of the Roman Empire who knew them as Gauls.With the rise of Roman power the Celtic tribes were overrun and were pushed to the western fringes of Europe. Celts today are people living in Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Scotland, and Brittany .The Celts worshipped horses. The most famous example of this is the Uffington Horse, located on a hill above Uffington in Berkshire, in the south east of England. Made by a Celtic tribe in 50 BC.It is 374 feet long and 130 feet high.


This house plaque comes in different sizes and is made from Irish limestone quarried from County Kilkenny. Irish limestone is millions of years old and is known for its durability. Limestone is a sedimentary rock comprised of mineral calcite. The calcite in Irish limestone is most commonly marine organisms. Irish limestone usually have the fossilised shells of the organisms visibly embedded within the stone. Making this house plaque unique and an interesting addition to your home or would make an interesting and unusual present for a loved one. All our limestone is supplied by God and nature and worked by man.

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