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Sunday, 26 Jun 2022

Forest Farm House Sign

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In the ancient Celtic system the boar is associated with the South and the element of Fire. It is connected with the life giving power of the sun. To our ancestors the wild boar was highly prized in the hunt and this importance applies on all three levels. On the physical level the hunt, if successful, provided nourishment for the clan. The Celts were particularly fond of pork, and valued it above all other flesh. The communal feast was an important occasion for social bonding, at which the 'Champion's Portion', the biggest and choicest cut, was always reserved for the bravest warrior. On the mental level, the importance of the hunt is shown by the courage and bravery of the hunter, who in seeking the wild boar must face the fiercest and most dangerous beast of all. On a spiritual level the boar acts as a guide that leads the warrior- hunter on a quest to the Otherworld. In the voyage of Maeldun, found in 'The Book of the Dun Cow', the tenth otherworld island the voyagers reach is described as 'The Island of the Fiery Swine', inhabited by red pigs that feed on apples.

This house plaque comes in different sizes and is made from Irish limestone quarried from County Kilkenny. Irish limestone is millions of years old and is known for its durability. Limestone is a sedimentary rock comprised of mineral calcite. The calcite in Irish limestone is most commonly marine organisms. Irish limestone usually has the fossilised shells of the organisms visibly embedded within the stone. Making this house plaque unique and an interesting addition to your home or would make an interesting and unusual present for a loved one. All our limestone is supplied by God and nature and worked by man.




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