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Saturday, 20 Jul 2019

Irish Harp House Number Plaque

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The harp and Celtic harp music has been an important emblem of Irish nationalism since the 10th century. The Trinity college harp one of Ireland's national treasures is the harp from which the national symbol is copied. Legend tells us the first harp owned by Dada a chief among the Tuatha De Danaa. At one time during a war with the Fomorians, the Gods of Cold and Darkness, his harp was stolen but later recovered by Lugh and Ogma. When it was returned it has acquired two secret names and the ability to call forth summer. From then on when Dada played he could produce a melody so poignant it could make his audience weep, he could play an air so jubilant it would make every one smile, or bring forth a sound so tranquil, it would lull all who listened to sleep .So the harp became the dispenser of sorrow, gladness and rest.

This house plaque is made from Irish limestone quarried from counties Kilkenny, Roscommon, and Galway and from The Burren. Irish limestone is millions of years old and is known for its durability. Limestone is a sedimentary rock comprised of mineral calcite. The calcite in Irish limestone is most commonly marine organisms. Irish limestone usually has the fossilised shells of the organisms visibly embedded within the stone making this house plaque unique and an interesting addition to your home or an interesting and unusual present for a loved one. All our limestone is supplied by God and nature and worked by man.


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